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The first stevia-based patisserie is here and has come to offer
sweet low-calorie tastes of artful confectionery.
Hand-made, low-calorie pastries mainly based on French recipes,
though influences from the rest of the world are also here.
Our motto “Pastries from Scratch” implies our commitment to the traditional way confections are made, without ready-made mixes or preservatives
that have recently flooded the market.

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Stevia has a zero-energy value as it contains no caloric ingredients! It is the best ally of diet and diabetes!
Choose freely a calorie-free sweet taste and enjoy yourself!

Maria N. Toumpi
Nutritionist – Dietitian
MSc (Med Sci) Human Nutrition Clinical Specialisation


Suggested Recipe

Chocolate Panacotta in a Glass

It serves 8 glasses of panacotta.
  • Ingredients for the biscuit base:
  • Ingredients for the forest fruit glacage :
  • Αssembly

Ingredients for the panacotta glass:

750 Gr Vegan whipped cream without milk protein
125 Gr Soya Milk or Bio Rice Milk
42 Gr Stevia
8 Gr Cornflour
170 Gr 70% cacao content chocolate
1 Gr Madagascar Vanilla (Liquid Vanilla)

For the chocolate panacotta:
In a pan we pour the milk, whipped cream, vanilla and half the quantity of stevia Using a rubber spatula we mix until the mixture reaches 40 ο C. We add a quantity of the mixture in a bowl that we have already put the rest of the stevia and the cornflour. We mix using a bimmer mixer. We transfer back the mixture to the pan and we stir until it becomes creamy. We add the melted chocolate (45 ο C) and we stir until it melts. We leave to cool until the temperature reaches 35 ο C stirring occasionally using a whisk.

Ingredients for the forest fruit glacage :
200 Gr Strawberry puree or fruit
20 Gr Raspberry
16 Gr Water
12 Gr Stevia
3 Gr Pectin ΝΗ for fruit

For the forest fruit glacage:
We warm the purre and fruits with half the quantity of stevia in a temperature of 50 -60 οC. We add the pectin which we have already mixed with the rest of stevia. We stir until all the ingredients homogenize and when the mixture starts boiling we boil for a minute. When the fruit coulis is cold it is ready to be served in the glasses.
We fill each glass with 120gr panacotta and we put in the freezer for a day. The next day we add 25gr of the forest fruit coulis.

Suggested Recipe

chestnut with madagascar vanilla and whiskey

(dosage refers to 15 glasses)
  • Ingredients for the vanilla biscuit:
  • Ingredient for the chestnut mousse
  • Ingredient for the chestnut crèmeaux
  • Execution
  • Glass assembly about 200cc each glass

480gr Eggs
70gr Stevia
116gr Soft white flour
20gr Corn flour
2gr Madagascar Vanilla or vanilla extract

(For 15 glasses)

150Gr Milk
150Gr Dairy cream 35%
92Gr Egg yolks
55Gr Stevia
65GR Chestnut paste or whole chestnuts boiled and mashed

8Gr Gelatin + 5x8 gr cold water
1Gr Madagascar Vanilla or vanilla extract
260Gr Dairy whipped cream Whipped as a thick cream
140Gr Non- dairy whipped cream Whipped as a thick cream


(For 15 glasses)

320Gr Chestnut cream with stevia
90Gr Chestnut paste or whole chestnuts boiled and mashed
25Gr Whiskey
155Gr Chestnut bits
25gr Butter 82%

For the Madagascar Vanilla biscuit:
We bit hard the eggs with stevia in a mixer with the whisker until the mixture has volume. We reduce the speed of the mixer and we add the Madagascar vanilla. We take off the bowl from the mixer and we gradually add the flour and corn flour, stirring softly by our hand. We bake on a heated (175ο C) oven for about 8 minutes (it depends on the oven). We leave to cool. We cut with a round cookie cutter the biscuit on the size of our glasses.

For the chestnut mousse:
We put the milk, dairy cream, egg yolk, chestnut paste and stevia in a pan and we boil stirring until the mixture reaches 82 ο C. We add the gelatin (which we have already dissolved in the water) and we homogenize by using the bimmer. We bit until it reaches 30 ο C. In the end we add the two whipped creams stirring gently.

For the chestnut crèmeaux:
We add the chestnut pate along with the whiskey and the chestnut bits in the mixer and we whisk until the mixture is homogenized. We add the chestnut cream and we continue to beat. Finally we melt the butter until it reaches 35 ο C and we add it in the mixture stirring until it homogenizes.


On the base of the glass we put using an icing bag about 35gr chestnut crèmeaux.
On top we place one piece of the vanilla biscuit.
We add bits of the chestnut, about 10gr, that we have already boiled. We put our glasses in the refrigerator to rest.
We add using an icing bag the chestnut mousse about 45gr and we place our glasses in the fridge to set, covered with a film for an hour.
We take of the fridge and we add with an icing bag the rest chestnut crèmeaux. We decorate with one whole chestnut and we are ready to serve.

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