Egg free Pastries


Dessert pastry (Egg – flour free)

Chocolate cream with unprocessed biological cocoa and Belgian bitter chocolate that is slowly baked at low temperature to become velvet and fluffy.
Small crisp lumps of peanut butter and milk chocolate.

Calories: 120cal

3.80 €
mpara dimitriakon

Bars with Nuts

Calories: 518 cal / 100gr

Bars with Dried Fruits

Calories: 340 cal / 100gr

Bars with Peanut Butter

Calories: 472 cal / 100gr

Chocolate Bars with Dogberries

Calories: 495 cal / 100gr

2.50 €

Every Pastry Has Its Own Story

and will definitely fascinate you. Absolutely fresh, with a wide selection of flavors, they satisfy each and every palate.
Our collection also includes gluten-free pastries. Do not miss our chocolate pastry, a classic and light confection with a low-calorie content.


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