Our Background

If you have considered pastries do not belong in a healthy diet, from now on you can enjoy them because you deserve them!
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Slim Bites, the first stevia-based patisserie is here and has come to offer sweet low-calorie tastes of artful confectionery.

The use of stevia is a new idea based on the standards of a balanced and healthy diet.

At the centre of Slim Bites philosophy are hand-made, low-calorie pastries mainly based on French recipes, though influences from the rest of the world are also here. Our motto “Pastries from Scratch” implies our commitment to the traditional way confections are made, without ready-made mixes or preservatives, which have flooded the market.

In our patisseries you can find a rich selection of pastries suitable for those following a high-quality or a slimming diet or for those whose daily intake is restricted or suffer from diabetes. Pastries in which fine white sugar is replaced with high-quality stevia and the rest of the elements with low-fat ingredients, thus creating a high-quality and tasteful result of half the caloric value.

Our uniqueness is that on tasting our pastries, you can hardly believe you have taken so few calories or that your blood sugar levels will not rise due to their exceptionally rich taste. Every pastry of our firm is accompanied by its caloric value so that the client can know which is suitable for them.
Therefore, choose freely a calorie-free sweet taste and enjoy yourself!

For every sweet we make

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