Our Philosophy

All Slim Bites pastries are hand-made and prepared with the care and love of their creators.
slimbites stevia gamos

Our recipes are mainly based of French confectionery, although some chosen influences from all over the world are also here.

We are committed to choosing and using the correct ingredients, but also to respecting the production process of our pastries, therefore offering our clients always the same top-quality results.

Aiming at meeting the diverse needs of our clients but also the modern tendencies of healthy nutrition, we have created a wide selection of low-calorie pastries, which can both satisfy the most demanding pastry-lovers but also offer a sweet solution to those with special dietary restrictions (e.g. diabetes or hypercholesterolemia).
Finally, we have created a new selection of pastries for those who are not permitted to include gluten, egg and lactose in their diet.