For diabetics and those following a slimming or healthy diet!

Prepared with Love & CarePastries with Stevia

Stevia (steviol glycoside) comes from processing and extracting the leaves of a tiny shrub under the same name. The sweetening power of the final product is up to 300 times bigger than sugar by weight. In 2011, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approved the use of stevia as a sweetening agent in foods and beverages.

What about calories?

Stevia has practically a zero-energy value as it contains no caloric ingredients!
It is the best ally of diet and diabetes!

The Nutritionist advises

Choose freely a calorie-free sweet taste
and enjoy yourself!

Who can consume stevia?

Stevia is the perfect alternative for both adults and children who have diabetes, for those in a slimming diet or for those who are cautious about what they eat! The use of stevia in confectionery seems to provide a solution to those who have avoided or have not been allowed to consume specific sweets. In the case of diabetes, stevia is the only natural sweetening agent with a zero content of hydrocarbons, which means zero glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load. Recent research on diabetics confirms the above, highlighting that the everyday use of stevia does not affect the fasting glucose, the glycated hemoglobin or other blood lipids.

Maria N. Toumpi
Nutritionist – Dietitian
MSc (Med Sci) Human Nutrition
Clinical Specialisation

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